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ePub Reader – Adobe Digital Edition

Total Score:★★☆☆☆ (BAD)

When you see Adobe, you may think “well, Adobe, that’s a big name, their ePub reader must be good”. However, the truth is, it really sucks. It seems like they just don’t care about how users use it. I guess, Adobe just hasn’t taken it seriously.

Basic Information



  1. Across Platform, support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  1. User experience is just too bad, especially for its mobile apps
  2. The function is primitive, not really suitable for reading


Simple Introduction

As we all know, Adobe is a big name in the software industry. Adobe PDF reader and Photoshop software are top notches in the target market. Adobe digital edition is the name of an ePub reader built by Adobe. When I first visited Adobe digital edition’s website, I am a little excited, because they promise a great user experience on the website. According to what they said, you can get almost all the features you can imagine for a great ePub reader, such as cross platform support, multi language support, bookmarking, note-taking and even support for PDF. However, when you really download the digital edition and use it, you will quickly find out that it is really hard to use. Yes, they sure provide what they promised, but they just don’t tell you all the story. You have to try really hard to figure out how to use some functions.


Get Started

First, go to the download page, and download the right version for your computer. Here is the quick link: Adobe digital edition download

There are two options, make sure you choose the right one.



Go through the installation, then you are ready to use.

How to open an ePub file using Adobe Digital Edition?

Click the “File” button shown in the screenshot, the first choice is “add new book”, then using the file chooser to add your epub file. After the book is added, you can click its cover to start reading.


This is reading user interface. It is really simple, you can open the category, jump to any page you want. But if you want to customize it to your need, you will be disappointed. As I mentioned before, it feels like Adobe doesn’t care about user experience on this project at all. It doesn’t provide you with the control that a normal ePub reader would do. After playing around, I am sure you will understand what I am talking about.



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