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ePub Reader – Calibre

Total Score:★★★☆☆(GOOD)

The Best all purpose e-book reading & management software on earth. Definitely worth a try.


Basic Information



  • Can be used to manage a lot of books with different format
  • Can be used to convert ebook format
  • Totally free to use


  • Difficult to use, too complicated
  • User experience is somewhat ignored
  • Good for management, not for reading

Simple Introduction

Calibre may be the oldest e-book reading software you can find online. The project started at 2006, soon after the release of the SONY PRS-500, the first e-ink based reader to be sold commercially in the US. In fact, Calibre is more like an e-book management software than an e-book reading software. Its initial purpose is to help people to manage their ebooks and ebook reader (specifically the e-ink readers). It is totally free to use and indeed it is really powerful.

Get Started

First, you should go to the Calibre website and download the right version for your computer.

Download Page:

Choose the right version for your computer:


Then, just follow the installation guide, you are ready to go. The following screenshot is the default start page of Calibre.


You can add a new ePub book to it by clicking the “Add books” button on top-left. Choose a valid ePub file, Calibre will automatically process it and add it to your library.


Double click the book item just added, it will prompt a new window for you. This is the ePub reader built inside the Calibre. You can scroll your mouse going to the next page. On the left, you can find some controls that you can use to enhance the reading experience. If you don’t know what the button all about, just hover your mouse over it,  a tooltip will show up seconds after.


That’s it, now you can read your ePub file with Calibre now.

Thanks for your reading.

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