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Total Score:★★☆☆☆(BAD)

EPUBReader for Firefox is a well-known epub reader because when you search for “epub reader” on Google, it always ranked #1 on the result list. However, its user experience is really horrible. First, you have to use a Firefox browser in order to use it because it is an add-on for Firefox. Second, it is not aiming to provide you with the best reading experience, it’s more like a tool van rather than a comfortable SUV. It sure can open an ePub file and let you read it. But if you take reading seriously, you will be frustrated by its un-user-friendly design.


Basic Information

Firefox Installation:

NOTICE: Please make sure to visit the website using Firefox browser, otherwise you can not use it!



  1. Working for Firefox browser, so it is cross platform
  2. No need to install standalone software on your computer


  1. Maybe a little simple and crude
  2. You have to use it on Firefox Browser

Simple Introduction

EPUBReader is a pretty old ePub reader, it is first published at 2009 when ePub – this particular format just comes out for 2 years. It indeed solves a lot of people’s problem of reading epub file back then. I still remember when I was a student, I am so glad that I found a useful ePub reader that can open a book from my browser. I even recommend it to all of my school friends. However, almost ten years have passed, EPUBReader doesn’t change very much. It is still a very crude and simple App. You can use it to open an ePub file and read it. You may also be able to customize it a little bit, with great effort. But if you want more, such as taking notes, searching for a keyword. Sorry, none of these are supported. I feel EPUBReader as an ePub reader is just like Firefox as a web browser, they are all gone old. Now, I have changed my day-to-day browser to Chrome, and EPUBReader is no longer on my recommend list.


As I found these following comments from the EPUBReader installation page, it’s now pushing its fans away.

Find something else Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Horrible changes. Comparing the previous version to the new version, is like comparing Windows XP and Vista or Windows 7 and 8. The new version is not an improvement and is more of an abomination foisted upon loyal fans. Try loading an older version or find something else, at least until Mozilla changes Firefox to make it unusable.

New Design is Horrible Rated 1 out of 5 stars

It’s not user-friendly at all. It’s awkward to use. Buttons are automatically hidden with ugly big icon that we have no idea what they are unless clicked.

What’s even worst is that we have to select a book EVERY TIME WE WANT TO READ from our files.

Uninstalled. It’s not even useful anymore. There are plenty of other add-ons out there that actually have common sense. This is a really bad design.






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