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ePub Reader – Readium

Total Score:★★★★☆ (GREAT)

The Best ePub Reader for Chrome. (It is a Chrome App)


Basic Information


Chrome Web Store Link: Install Readium reader on Chrome Web Store


  1. Working for Chrome Browser, aka, cross platform
  2. No need to install standalone software on your computer
  3. Working very well for both ePub 2.0 and ePub 3.0


  1. Maybe a little simple and crude
  2. You have to use it on Chrome Browser
  3. IMPORTANT NOTICE: you can not delete the book after adding them to it


Simple Introduction

Readium Reader is a great choice if you are using Chrome and don’t want to install extra software on your computer. In fact, Readium is an open source project that provides the developer community with web based ePub reading solutions.As a result, Readium Chrome Reader is actually a demo project. If you are interested in how it was built, this the GitHub page ( ) you can find its development information. Anyway, Readium Reader is still a great choice for reading your ePub books. Although it looks simple but definitely good enough for reading normal ePub files.

Get Started

First, you need to install Readium reader from the Chrome Web Store.

If you are new to this topic, you can read this article ( Chrome Web Store Help ) and learn how to use Chrome Web Store.

If you are using Chrome Browser right now, just click this link to start the installation.

After installing, you should be able to find the Readium App inside Chrome, like this. Just click it to start using.

Chrome App

Just follow the guide, add your own ePub file to it. Then you can see the book is ready to read. Click the book, it will jump to the reading mode, at the right-top corner, you can find catalog and settings. They are pretty easy to use.

Readium Reader with one added book


Readium Reader default style

That’s it, enjoy your reading.


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